Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Starting 2nd Grade---Promises Not Kept

So, over the summer we met with the team of doctors and kind of put the appointments on hold. From what his teacher had told us, it looked like the next year of school was going to work out. Supposedly he was going to have an IEP set up in the fall and we were going to be meeting with the teacher the 1st week of every month.

Well, he started school, and he was in 2nd grade, but he had the same teacher because his class was a combined gifted 1st/2nd grade classroom. The first month went by and I didn't hear anything from the teacher about meeting or setting up something. I was patient. I figured I'd let school get going first.

Then another month was slowly creeping by, and by now I figured no meetings or appointments were going to be made. Maybe they weren't needed? From last year's "special ed" meeting, they had put MJ into speech, and a speech pathologist was working with him on a weekly basis, but besides that, there were no other accommodations made.

OK, maybe he didn't need any. Maybe everything was working out. Maybe I was still in denial. Maybe I thought MJ didn't have any problems anymore. Maybe he had grown out of it?
I suppose I should have been the one that requested a meeting, or said, "hey, didn't you say you were going to do this or that, or what about that word processor thing?" But at this time in my life I was 9 months pregnant and expecting our 4th child. I didn't have the energy, so I just waited to see if I would hear anything.

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