Thursday, October 30, 2008

Meeting With the Neurologist

We met with a pediatric neurologist a little after MJ turned 7 years old. We sat there while he analyzed different things and examined MJ and waited to see what he'd say. After the hour long examination/meeting/whatever it was, we got sort of an instruction list of what needed to be done.

According to these neurologists, they thought MJ had a PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) or possibly Asperger's Syndrome both of which I had no idea what they were. They wanted us to meet with a team of psychologists and psychiatrists to evaluate MJ.

BUT, they also wanted to do an MRI to eliminate any other possiblilities,

AND they also suggested having MJ relooked at for physical therapy and possible leg braces to correct his gait.

So, we scheduled an MRI for later that month, and also scheduled an appointment with the department for Children with Special Healthcare Needs to have him evaluated for whatever those things were.

The MRI came out clear, not showing any abnormalities, but the other appointment wasn't for a couple months. So in the meantime, I began researching anything and everything I could find about PDD or Asperger's Syndrome to see why they might think our son had it.

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