Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tests, tests, and More Tests

For the next little while MJ began taking all these tests. The Special Ed teacher at school was testing him on all his cognitive abilities as well as motor skills assessments and other stuff I'm not really sure of. We also met with a team of pediatric psychologists, psychiatrists, and pediatricians who tested MJ in a number of other things.

Of course, then there was all these tests for us. Well, not exactly tests, but we had to fill out pages and pages of evaluations, questions and answers to what MJ's personality was like, how he reacted to certain situations and a whole lot more.

And, in the meantime, I was researching everything I could on Asperger's. I found out that PDD means Pervasive Developmental Disorder and that Asperger's isn't separate from PDD, but it is a type of PDD which is a form of autism--high functioning that is.

One thing worried me a lot though. Yes, there were all these tests MJ was taking, but a large amount of what they were going to use to diagnose him with was these questionaires we were filling out. What if we didn't answer them the right way? What if in a sense, WE were the ones who were going to make whatever diagnosis be what it is by the way WE answered?

I asked this a lot to the doctors. They didn't make me feel much better, but they said that really if anyone knew our child best, it was us, and so yes, in a way we are diagnosing our own kids, but it is balanced with the doctors findings also.

So.....we continued to talk and fill out forms while they tested MJ's abilities and even auditory processing, and we waited to see what they would say.

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